Den building

As most adults who grew up in the country will tell you in years gone by children would spend their holidays playing in the woods and the first activity in any successful woodland play area was to build a den. In this two hour Den Building activity why not revisit this woodland pass time with your children, or try it for the first time?

Elspeth will help you have a look round the area for the best place to build your den and explain what natural materials you can use without disturbing the woodland habitat. Then, with only the aid of a ball of string, it is your mission to figure out how to use the natural materials to create a shelter in the woods that all your group can successfully fit inside.


We are in the fortunate situation here at Wild Oak Woods to be able to manage the woodland for wildlife and people. As part of this ongoing woodland management we often generate huge piles of small branches, some of which find their way to the Den Building area.

Family sized dens work best with children of 6 years and older. If you have a number of younger children in your family this activity can be adapted for the smaller people by making Teddy dens surrounded by Fairy gardens.

den materials
If your family or group would like to try any of the 'Families in the Woods' activities please call Elspeth on 07747042197 for further details and to discuss what activities would suit you best.

Families in the woods activities are a great way to get in touch with the environment and get to know the area when you are on holiday and are ideal for birthday parties for outdoorsy kids.

Activities generally take place between 2.00pm and 4.00pm any day of the week though other times may be possible by prior arrangement. Family tickets admitting two adults and two children to the two hour group activities cost £20. Other groups can easily be accommodated and are charged depending on the size of the group. Booking is essential for all Families in the Woods activities.

For all activities in the woods please come wearing clothes you don't mind getting a bit mucky, trousers are best as they will protect you from any nettles you may encounter, and strong shoes or boots.

Areas used for group work are monitored on a regular basis and all activities are risk assessed by the experienced staff at Wild Oak Woods.